1. Make it easy for your customers to submit reviews for your products. The more your customers talk about your products, the better your sales. This increases your visibility and the confidence of new customers in your products.

2. Ask your customers for reviews after a successful sale via email. Place a link to your online shop there. Many customers like it to use this opportunity.

3. Ask for product reviews on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Respond to reviews and comments. Communicate with your customers online. Especially on criticism you should react quickly. Your comments can also be read by other customers, so they can give more information about the product. Your customers will recognize your commitment.

5. Include a postcard with a request and a brief guide for reviews to the sended products.

6. Place a QR code on products of your own labels that leads to the product review form.

7. Collect product reviews together with other shops worldwide with rateit.cool. You have get more product reviews for your assortment faster. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.


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