Rateit.cool now also available for Magento!
We have developed a Magento App which enables Magento shops to take part in the worldwide rateit.cool community for product reviews by integrating an easy tool in their shop. Magento webshop operators may now exchange product reviews with many others and thus show more client feedback concerning their product range.

Magento is a popular platform for shops
All over the world, more than 240.000 traders rely on the Magento eCommerce Software. Magento offers shop operators new possibilities of attracting more clients, selling more products and making more money. Magento supports traders in their expansion inter alia through a high scalability, a large selection of functions and good control mechanisms.

Magento clients may immediately use thousands of product reviews
After a short installation, registry and shop verification the rateit.cool clients immediately benefit from the reviews from the community. As of October 2015, rateit.cool had more than 500.000 reviews concerning more than 25.000 products. Visitors see the product feedbacks and get more security in their purchasing decision. There is no need to look for another source of information, the visitor stays in the shop.
The reviews already gathered by the online trader can be uploaded via interface in rateit.cool and are thus not lost.

Many reviews without duplicate content problem
Basically all shops benefit from the fact that everybody may show the ratings concerning their products which have been collected by other shops. I.e. every time a client looks at an article detail page, these ratings will be called upon. From a technical point of view this means that the ratings from rateit.cool are integrated “on the fly” by the browser through AJAX calls. It is not possible for Google to index these ratings.
To support the SEO strategy of the shop the rateit.cool feedbacks are integrated in a way that Google or other search engines only find the feedbacks generated by the shop.

How reliable are ratings published anonymously?
Product reviews may only be submitted if the product has really been bought, which means that all ratings are at the same time verified purchases. The rateit.cool plugin deliberately refrains from asking the client any name. What is the use for a potential customer, when “Peter Pan” or “joker136” submitted a rating?
Then again many clients do not wish to see their name in connection with their ratings appear on one or more shop pages. The rateit.cool app is also meeting this customer demand.


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