Product ratings play a very important role in the decision-making process for buyers. That is why companies strive to present their products as positively as possible.

But what happens if manufacturers or dealers let customers or text agencies write positive reviews?
As long as the customer can not recognize that the product review has been manipulated by the company (so-called fake review) or the reviewer has received a discount, it is an offense against competition laws. Furthermore, the publication of the review should be considered as misleading advertising.

The situation is similar with negative ratings forced by competitors.
If a competitor lets intentionally write bad and unobjective product reviews, this is a competitive push. There must not be false statements that could potentially harm the competitor’s business.

Basically you can say:
1) Factual criticism is allowed
as long as it is an real opinion and not solely aimed at minimizing, defaming and damaging the product.

2) abusive criticism is prohibited
because the limit of permissible is exceeded, when it is no longer the argument in the matter, but the defamation and a reduction in the foreground.

3) false or untrue product reviews are always inadmissible
Lies are not an expression of opinion and therefore illegal. They can always be removed. In contrast, there is an assertion of fact when mentioning facts that can be verified. If the information in the review does not agree with reality, it can be remedied.


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