Our comic explains very clearly how our product review service works. At the same time we always get enthusiastic feedbacks. Many Thanks!

Thomas is an online customer. He is looking for a tablet. In the first online shop he finds tablets, but no product reviews. He is unsure if the tablet is good. So he leaves the shop and comes into an online shop with rateit.cool product reviews. There he finds the tablet with more than 400 reviews with an overall rating of 4.7 stars. He reads some reviews, is excited and buys.

How does rateit.cool do that?
At rateit.cool all participating shops worldwide collect together, thus  when 10 stores are collecting 2 product reviews for the same product, all together can show 20 product reviews.

Storytelling: rateit.cool

What is Storytelling?
Storytelling is used to convey information through a story. The story should help that the information is better understood and remembered.


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