Feedback campaigns

Increase your product sale with a feedback campaign! Let your customers rate your product while launch period.

Every online store selling it can display the reviews from your campaign.

Easy setup

Create a new campaign with one click.

Layout in 10 minutes

Upload the HTML and images from your design agency. You require zero technical knowledge.

Display campaign anywhere

Download the QR-Code and send it to anyone who is involved in the product launch. Show the campaign at any place. Get the feedback for your products directly from the customers.

Easy use for the customer

Your customer can give you feedbacks to your products with using the QR-Code or an unique link to your campaign. The Customers can give you the feedback without any registration or account information.

Analyse the feedbacks

You can analyse the feedbacks in your Dashboard. If you want to have more charts, we have to talk.


Send us a message with questions and feedback. We will contact you immediately.