I would like to know how many of my products got already reviews. How will I know?
Send us your product list with GTINs (info(a)rateit.cool) and get an evaluation within a few days. 

How do I integrate product reviews for SEO? 

You can integrate your own product reviews via server call in your product detail view. 

Does Google index the product reviews? 
It is possible that Google indexes your own product reviews. See: How do I integrate product reviews for SEO? 
The product reviews of rateit.cool are generated “on the fly” by the internet browsewr. Thus it cannot be indexed by Google. The advantage is that it cannot come to the so-called “duplicate content”. But, your SEO ranking is not improved by the rateit.cool reviews of other stores. 

It is not possible to see who rated the product. Can I trust these reviews?
The products can only be evaluated or rated when they were purchased previously. That means all reviews come from vertified purchases. 

What languages are supported?
rateit.cool provides product reviews in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. We are working on making more languages available.
The administration system of rateit.cool is in English and German.


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