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How works

The problem

Online Store A and Online Store B both sell the same football  from the same manufacturer with the GTIN “4055012005679”. Store A has 2 reviews  and Store B has 1 review for the football.
Customer C wants to buy a football and visits both stores online to research. But, Customer C does not find enough reviews for the product on either website and rather purchases the football from a different store which has plenty of reviews.

the old way

Our solution

There are six more online stores that sell the same football that Stores A and B sell. All stores have some reviews. By integrating on all eight stores’ websites, including on the websites of Stores A and B, all the stores share and exchange reviews. This helps them get enough user feedback for the football on their websites. So, a new visitor to one of the stores will find enough reviews on its website and will make the purchase.

collect reviews
show reviews

Your Benefits

  • Your online shop looks bigger
  • Your potential buyers have more confidence in the products and your shop. 
  • Your visitors will get much more information about the product and will order more often directly.

Finally, your sales increase.



Product List Element

To every product in the list stars will be shown.

Top Seller

In the content element „Top Seller“ you can get the sum of all reviews at each product.


Product Detail Page

On the product detail page you see the stars nearby the product name

Product Detail Page (Feedbacks)

The product reviews will be shown sorted by date. Other sorting options are:

  • oldest
  • best
  • worst
  • most helpful
  • less helpful
  • reviews of each star value
productdetail page feedbacks
reviews in order history

Product Reviews in Order History

The customer is able to give feedback to each product in the product list of his order history.

How to set up

It only takes three steps to integrate on your website.

First Step: Register an account for free.

25% Complete (Register)

Second Step: Verify your online store with the dashboard functions.

50% Complete (Verify)

Third Step: Integrate the REST-api in your shop with our example scripts. Or you use one of our plugins.

75% Complete (Verify)

Final Step: Be part of the shop community and create 200% more sales.

100% Complete (More Sales)

Easy setup

The integration process is easy with only three steps.

Get reviews in 10 minutes

You require zero technical knowledge.

Display reviews anywhere

Show the reviews anywhere any time: in your online shop, on your website or on digital price tag in your store.

Do you already have product reviews?
Send them to us.

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Sales Driver

9.90 €/ month*


Perfect if you are starting out!
incl. 10,000 products (ean, gtin, gpc, …)
Display of all stars
Display of all feedbacks in 1 language
1 user account
1 online shop
 1 month free trial

Sales Booster

24.90 €/ month*


Most popular!
incl. 25,000 products (eans)
Display of all stars
Display of all feedbacks in 3 languages
3 user accounts
3 online shops
Release and comment product feedbacks
1 month free trial

Sales Accelerator

49.90 €/ month*


Has everything you need!
incl. 75,000 products (eans)
Display of all stars
Display of all feedbacks in 10 languages
10 user accounts
10 online shops
Release and comment product feedbacks
1 month free trial
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Each 10.000 products more 5.99€/ month.

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About us

We developed RateItCool when we faced the problem of not having enough reviews for our first eCommerce portal.

Our first website had several exciting products listed. But, because it was a new website, we did not have enough product reviews to influence the visitors to make a purchase from us. This led to poor conversions.

So, we reached out to several eCommerce specialists and peer business owners, but none of them had a solution to the problem. Thus, the idea was born for

We developed RateItCool to help get enough reviews for the products listed on an eCommerce website even if the products have not yet been sold. And, today, we have already helped over 150 eCommerce business owners across the globe.

That being said, we have already encountered the problem which you might be facing right now. So, do not waste time and sign up for to get the ball rolling.


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