Facts & Figures about Product Reviews


Have you always presumed that product reviews are important? You are absolutely right! 53 percent of online shoppers read customer reviews before buying a product.

53% read almost always product reviews
More than the half of all Online shoppers read almost always product reviews before purchasing

Customers get more information with rateit.cool


Cool Services presents the latest features of the product evaluation service rateit.cool on May 25 at the RheinEnergieSTADION Cologne. Interested online retailers have the opportunity to test the service live.

With the use of rateit.cool shops get product reviews from a wide community of participating shops. This allows their customers to find out what other customers are writing about the products in the purchasing phase and to feel good about the products. They stay in the shop and do not have to inform themselves otherwise about the product.

rateit.cool is the only review service where all stores collect product reviews in a community. The products receive many reviews across the store, far more than most stores can ever get alone. All shops show all ratings for the product.
Customers will find many customer opinions that will help you make a purchase decision. The number of sales increases.

The service rateit.cool is multichannel capable. It can be used in online shops as well as in mobile apps or in stationary stores.
Currently plugins for WooCommerce, Magento and shopware are available.

Together we are strong! – More product reviews – More sales


Product ratings and feedbacks are among the most important decision aids during the buying process. This has been proven by countless studies, including a survey by Bitkom, in which two out of three respondents claimed to seek opinions before buying. At the same time, four out of ten said that products without customer reviews even lead to a loss of confidence.

For online shops, it’s not always easy to generate product ratings. This is exactly where rateit.cool comes in, because thanks to the product rating service, online retailers share their customer reviews. True to the motto: “Together we are strong!”
An example: If 10 shops collect 2 product reviews for the same product, they can all show 20 product reviews. This offers tangible advantages for online retailers: For example, customers no longer look for larger stores to read reviews, but rather stay and buy directly with them. This in turn increases the conversion rate and at the same time the chance that other buyers leave a product rating.

Online retailers can integrate the star rating in the Topseller, product recommendations, product lists, and product detail page. The contact with the customer remains in the sovereignty of the shop.

Storytelling: rateit.cool as a Comic!


Our comic explains very clearly how our product review service works. At the same time we always get enthusiastic feedbacks. Many Thanks!

Thomas is an online customer. He is looking for a tablet. In the first online shop he finds tablets, but no product reviews. He is unsure if the tablet is good. So he leaves the shop and comes into an online shop with rateit.cool product reviews. There he finds the tablet with more than 400 reviews with an overall rating of 4.7 stars. He reads some reviews, is excited and buys.

How does rateit.cool do that?
At rateit.cool all participating shops worldwide collect together, thus  when 10 stores are collecting 2 product reviews for the same product, all together can show 20 product reviews.

Storytelling: rateit.cool

What is Storytelling?
Storytelling is used to convey information through a story. The story should help that the information is better understood and remembered.

rateit.cool has a plugin for WooCommerce.


Rateit.cool now also available for WooCommerce!
We have developed a WooCommerce App which enables WooCommerce shops to take part in the worldwide rateit.cool community for product reviews by integrating an easy tool in their shop. WooCommerce webshop operators may now exchange product reviews with many others and thus show more client feedback concerning their product range.

WooCommerce is a popular platform for shops
All over the world, more than 2 Million traders rely on the WooCommerce eCommerce Software. WooCommerce is entirely open source, which means you can modify and customize anything and everything. Because you have complete control, you can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.

Get started today!



Rateit.cool now also available for Magento!
We have developed a Magento App which enables Magento shops to take part in the worldwide rateit.cool community for product reviews by integrating an easy tool in their shop. Magento webshop operators may now exchange product reviews with many others and thus show more client feedback concerning their product range.

Magento is a popular platform for shops
All over the world, more than 240.000 traders rely on the Magento eCommerce Software. Magento offers shop operators new possibilities of attracting more clients, selling more products and making more money. Magento supports traders in their expansion inter alia through a high scalability, a large selection of functions and good control mechanisms.

Magento clients may immediately use thousands of product reviews
After a short installation, registry and shop verification the rateit.cool clients immediately benefit from the reviews from the community. As of October 2015, rateit.cool had more than 500.000 reviews concerning more than 25.000 products. Visitors see the product feedbacks and get more security in their purchasing decision. There is no need to look for another source of information, the visitor stays in the shop.
The reviews already gathered by the online trader can be uploaded via interface in rateit.cool and are thus not lost.

Many reviews without duplicate content problem
Basically all shops benefit from the fact that everybody may show the ratings concerning their products which have been collected by other shops. I.e. every time a client looks at an article detail page, these ratings will be called upon. From a technical point of view this means that the ratings from rateit.cool are integrated “on the fly” by the browser through AJAX calls. It is not possible for Google to index these ratings.
To support the SEO strategy of the shop the rateit.cool feedbacks are integrated in a way that Google or other search engines only find the feedbacks generated by the shop.

How reliable are ratings published anonymously?
Product reviews may only be submitted if the product has really been bought, which means that all ratings are at the same time verified purchases. The rateit.cool plugin deliberately refrains from asking the client any name. What is the use for a potential customer, when “Peter Pan” or “joker136” submitted a rating?
Then again many clients do not wish to see their name in connection with their ratings appear on one or more shop pages. The rateit.cool app is also meeting this customer demand.

Visit us on eCommerce fair “net & work” in Dortmund on 17.2.2018


Meet us and our experts at booth A10 or take part in our Round Table “Product Reviews for Your Online Shop: How to Support Your Customers in their Purchasing Process” from 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm.
At our roundtable, we give tips on how to get more product reviews for your shop, introduce our product, rateit.cool, and respond to individual questions.

Are wrong product reviews punishable?


Product ratings play a very important role in the decision-making process for buyers. That is why companies strive to present their products as positively as possible.

But what happens if manufacturers or dealers let customers or text agencies write positive reviews?
As long as the customer can not recognize that the product review has been manipulated by the company (so-called fake review) or the reviewer has received a discount, it is an offense against competition laws. Furthermore, the publication of the review should be considered as misleading advertising.

The situation is similar with negative ratings forced by competitors.
If a competitor lets intentionally write bad and unobjective product reviews, this is a competitive push. There must not be false statements that could potentially harm the competitor’s business.

Basically you can say:
1) Factual criticism is allowed
as long as it is an real opinion and not solely aimed at minimizing, defaming and damaging the product.

2) abusive criticism is prohibited
because the limit of permissible is exceeded, when it is no longer the argument in the matter, but the defamation and a reduction in the foreground.

3) false or untrue product reviews are always inadmissible
Lies are not an expression of opinion and therefore illegal. They can always be removed. In contrast, there is an assertion of fact when mentioning facts that can be verified. If the information in the review does not agree with reality, it can be remedied.

What is tracking for?


In online trading many sessions by many visitors are recorded, thus depending on the interests different tracks can be formed. Online shops use these customer paths to find out where obstacles or barriers are and to improve the usability.

7 valuable tips for more product reviews in your shop


1. Make it easy for your customers to submit reviews for your products. The more your customers talk about your products, the better your sales. This increases your visibility and the confidence of new customers in your products.

2. Ask your customers for reviews after a successful sale via email. Place a link to your online shop there. Many customers like it to use this opportunity.

3. Ask for product reviews on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

4. Respond to reviews and comments. Communicate with your customers online. Especially on criticism you should react quickly. Your comments can also be read by other customers, so they can give more information about the product. Your customers will recognize your commitment.

5. Include a postcard with a request and a brief guide for reviews to the sended products.

6. Place a QR code on products of your own labels that leads to the product review form.

7. Collect product reviews together with other shops worldwide with rateit.cool. You have get more product reviews for your assortment faster. If you have any questions, we are happy to help.

The search function is an important part of the online shop


An online shop without search is unthinkable. Many customers use the search function directly instead of browsing. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the search function.

The following aspects are essential for the user-friendliness of the search:

  • Recognizability
    The magnifying glass symbol is set internationally as a sign for searches.
  • Size of the search field
    At least three long words should fit.
  • Placement
    The search field is usually expected to be top and in center position or on the right.

The following features assist the customer in finding and should be integrated:

  • Auto-Suggestions
  • Auto complete
  • Synonyms, also in colloquial terms
  • typing tolerance
  • various filter options

Special attention should also be placed on the content being searched:

  • title
  • category
  • description

In particular, if the description is searchable, the customer receives more hits that do not necessarily match the wanted.

Success in the niche


More than 40,000 upper shirts models and a unique customer service lead to success.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the german shop ‘Hemden Meister’ started in e-commerce with only a few online orders. In 2005, sales increased after the name change in ‘Hemden Meister’ like upper shirt champignon.

Today, ‘Hemden Meister’ is the first point of contact for men’s shirts and ensures that customers get the right upper shirt quickly and easily.

Read more (in German)

What does Session mean?


In online trading, a session refers to a standing connection between a web browser and an online shop. Upon entering the shop, each visitor receives a so-called session ID, under which all page views of the session are recorded. This way you can see, for example, which route the visitor took from entry to purchase.

Direkte Warenbeschaffung aus China


In the article “Guidelines for international procurement of goods: China Sourcing” by Mark Steier, traders will find a good guideline on what they have to pay attention to when importing goods from China and how to get started. Advantages and disadvantages of the trade and brand strategy are explained. In addition, legal aspects are highlighted and tips given, e.g. for quality control. Read the full article on t3n (in German).

What does pageview mean?


A pageview is a request to load a single web page via web browser.

Paketzustellung aus Sicht der Käufer


PwC hat in einer neuen Studie analysiert wie sich die Logistik zukunftsfähig verändern könnte oder aus Sicht der Kunden sollte. 

Ein wesentlicher Punkt ist die Zufriedenheit der Kunden mit der Paketbelieferung. 
Ca. 90% der Kunden finden die Sendungsverfolgung wichtig, 72% wünschen sich die Belieferung im Wunschzeitraum und 61% schauen auf die Umweltfreundlichkeit beim Transport. Dabei wird die persönliche, eher unflexible Lieferung nach Hause weit vor Packstationen, Drohnen oder Kofferraumbelieferung bevorzugt. 

Weitere Informationen finden Sie bei pwc.

How should a listing on Amazon look like?


BigCommerce shows in the article “How to Successfully Market Products on Amazon & Think like a Buyer” how listing should look like. For example, a title should have a maximum of 150 characters; 60 characters are optimal for the parent title. The main image should show the entire product in frontal view. It should also fill at least 85 percent of the image area.

Read more.

Der Onlinehandel boomt weiter


Ein Plus von 11,1 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahres-Halbjahr bestätigt das enorme Wachstum des Onlinehandels. 

Die Umsätze waren wie folgt verteilt:

Bekleidung & Schuhe2,9%
Täglicher Bedarf24,9%

 Alle Zahlen finden Sie beim bevh.

Social Media Tips for more Traffic to your Online Shop


Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Co. nowadays belong to the marketing mix. But, this is about building the brand, not direct sales.

Do the following to increase your visibility.

  • Optimize your posts with keywords and hashtags
  • Use plugins to play your content out of the shop into the social networks
  • Find influencers or micro-influencers that increase your shop’s visibility.
  • Post regularly
  • Maintain a blog with content on your assortment

If you have little time, place the greatest emphasis on the platforms where your target audience is most represented.



The theme of the Internet of Things is on everyone’s lips, especially in the IT-related sectors. But what will change in our lives, how it could evolve in our consumer behavior and thus commercially can be expected?

Daniel Becker and the editioral staff of contentmanager.de explain the Internet of Things and some application examples.
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More flexible with Headless CMS?


A content management system ought to provide content and data to many different devices and channels. Jonathan Schneider shows how headless CMS works. (in German)

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50 Unbeatable Ecommerce Marketing Tips for 2016


Maybe you’ve just setup a nice little shop to sell your new running shoe designs, or maybe your dropshipping business is building a solid customer base, and you need to bring on a few employees to manage all of the orders. Maybe you just finished your stint on Shark Tank, or Oprah talked about your product being one of her “favorite things.”

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Overcoming security issues in e-Commerce


All e-commerce websites face the challenge of trying to prevent security issues from arising whilst also having procedures in place to deal with issues when they do arise. Cyber crime is constantly evolving and as the technology get more sophisticated, so too do the criminals.

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How to get your onlineshop secure?


A secure online shop is fundamental to gain the trust of potential customers and also to keep. No one wants to hand over his bank details of a company that can protect them not even from prying third parties. The article informs about current attack scenarios and defense mechanisms. Read more (in German)

Author: Kim Rixecker


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