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* Januar 2018

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The plugin for Shopware customers

Plugin at the store

Product List Element

To every product in the list stars will be shown.

Top Seller

In the content element „Top Seller“ you can get the sum of all reviews at each product.

Product Detail Page

On the product detail page you see the stars nearby the product name

Product Detail Page (Feedbacks)

The product reviews will be shown sorted by date. Other sorting options are:

  • oldest
  • best
  • worst
  • most helpful
  • less helpful
  • reviews of each star value

Product Reviews in Order History

The customer is able to give feedback to each product in the product list of his order history.

Product detail page product review form

Every shop visitor can review the product at the product detail page.

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rateit.cool provides more than 8 million product reviews for more than 500,000 products. (Januar 2018)

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