Technology partnership with Shopware AG is a technology partner of Shopware. As of today, all Shopware customers can benefit from service. With the new cooperation, Shopware offers shop owners a simple yet comprehensive solution to collect product reviews together and display more product reviews overall.

Under the slogan "Emotional shopping on any Device", Shopware has launched the current core product Shopware 5 and, with "Storytelling", offers an inspiring and emotionally creative shopping world in full responsive design. Furthermore, the shop software is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness, the use of state-of-the-art technologies, sophisticated marketing functions and incomparable design. Shopware has a large community of 32,000 customers and 900 partners throughout Europe.

Cool Services has developed plugin for Shopware 4 and 5 and enables Shopware customers to easily integrate it into their shop. After a short registration and shop verification, customers immediately benefit from the community ratings. As of July 2016, has more than 50,000 reviews on over 12,000 products. Shop visitors see the product feedback and get more security in their purchase decision. No other source of information about the product is necessary, the shop visitor remains in the shop. Ratings already collected by the online retailer can be uploaded to via an interface and are therefore not lost.

We are happy about the possible growth of our rating community.