The search function is an important part of the shop

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An online shop without a search is unthinkable. Many customers use the search function directly instead of just browsing. Therefore it is important to pay special attention to the search function. 

The following aspects are essential for the user-friendliness of the search:

  • Recognizable 
    The magnifying glass symbol is set internationally as a search symbol.
  • Size of the search field 
    At least three long words should fit into it.
  • Placement 
    It is expected that the search field is usually placed at the top and central or to the right.

The following functions support the customer in finding and should be integrated: 

  • auto-suggestions
  • auto-complete
  • synonym linking, also with colloquial terms
  • typo tolerance
  • various filter options

You should also pay special attention to the content that is retrieved. 

  • title 
  • category
  • description

In particular, if the description is searchable, the customer receives more hits that do not necessarily match the search.

An example: 
In the product description of your bathrobe, you will find among others: "The bags are so big, a smartphone fits in." If this description is also searchable, a customer who is looking for a smartphone also receives the bathrobe in his search results.
In this example, either a different product description, the restriction of search terms to categories or the non-searchability of the description remedies the problem.

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