Storytelling: as a comic!

Our comic explains very clearly how our product rating service works. At the same time we get enthusiastic feedback again and again. Thank you very much!

Thomas is an online customer. He is searching for a tablet. In the first online shop he finds tablets, but there are no product reviews. He is unsure if the tablet is good. So he exits the shop and goes to an online shop with product ratings and reviews. There he finds the tablet with more than 400 reviews and a total rating of 4.7 stars. He reads some reviews, is enthusiastic and buys.

How does do that?
At all participating shops worldwide collect together, i.e. if 10 shops collect product reviews for the same product 2 each, all together can display 20 reviews for the product.

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What's storytelling?
Storytelling is used to give information via a story that should help customers to better understand and remember the information.

Product reviews are more important than the brand

The Trend Radar Studie 2019 by Simon-Kucher & Partners shows that product reviews are now an integral part of online trading. What's more, they are becoming the standard. For 7 out of 10 consumers, product reviews are important or very important. This makes them the third most important criterium for purchasing decisions after product characteristics and price, and thus even more important than the brand. 

One of the most important statements is that particular satisfaction with the product motivates the rating much more than dissatisfaction. Thus, only 2 out of 3 buyers rate the product badly, while 3 out of 4 buyers give a good rating.

An easy way to rate motivates consumers. Obstacles such as an additional login or detailed questions, on the other hand, tend to deter.

Spannend ist auch, dass Käufer sich besser informiert fühlen und der Meinung sind, hochwertigere Produkte zu erhalten. Jeder fünfte Käufer gibt an, aufgrund von guten Produktbewertungen sogar mehr zu kaufen.